Savor : Stories of Community, Culture, and Food


a story of place and identity, culture and tradition, of home.

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Savor is a collaborative project celebrating the intersection between culture and community through food in west Salt Lake. Beginning with the authors’ curiosity about how food justice and cultural factors impact the perception and execution of eating healthfully, a year of research resulted in the collection of fifteen recipes and contributor profiles from participants originating from 12 different countries.

The book is an account of a group of men and women who use their community kitchen not only to create meals, but also relationships. Through these stories the authors portray how food can act as a cultural anchor, an important element of identity, and a platform from which to build community.

The recipes tell fascinating tales of identity; they are the warmly-shared recollections of distant homes left by refugees and displaced persons, recipes modified by adversity and creativity, yet still so resonant with their origins you can taste it. That these stories, so rich with culture, and place, are told from a recognized ‘food desert’, expands their meaning; they now narrate a compelling and durable resistance to a food system that has made cheap, prepared, and placeless calories an increasingly dangerous norm.

The magic of these stories lies not in the individual ingredients, but in the ways the ingredients

come together, weaving sensory experiences that evoke the familiar and comfortable or invite a glimpse of the new and exotic.



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